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1912 Ventures is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage, investment, advisory, and development firm based in Houston, Texas. Maury Bronstein and John S. Wall, Jr. co-founded the firm in 2014 to offer their clients and investment partners a full spectrum of commercial real estate services through a single source. They have worked on behalf of a wide variety of institutional and non-institutional clients and partners, across numerous industries, in most property sectors, and through different real estate cycles.

While the founders have completed 240 assignments worth over $700 million in asset value in more than 30 US states and territories, and internationally, they are most well-known for their work across Texas. They focus on both the details and big picture to deliver and execute on strategies that enable their clients and partners to achieve their goals.

Whether you are seeking a solution for a traditional commercial real estate brokerage, investment, or development need, or are involved in a special situation with distressed assets, 1912 Ventures’ variety of completed assignments and approach to problem solving differentiates them from many other firms who specialize in one narrow area or function. 1912 Ventures executes to get the job done.

The company founders have worked together since originally meeting in the brokerage division of Situs in 2007. Situs was the largest provider of commercial real estate consulting, due diligence, and underwriting in the US and Europe. The company was also a Rated Primary and Special servicer who was one of the few emergency primary and special servicers for the FDIC.

Both founders played key roles in Situs’ brokerage division through their leadership and production efforts with Mr. Bronstein managing the division and Mr. Wall being its top revenue producer. In addition to traditional brokerage services, they advised clients from other service lines by providing valuations, due diligence, underwriting, site inspections, special servicing assistance, loan and tenant-landlord workouts, FDIC takeovers of failed financial institutions, asset management, court-appointed receivership, 363 auctions, and support services for Wall Street investment banks. Through these efforts and experiences, the founders developed a deep understanding of most property sectors, gained an appreciation for a lender’s options for approaching distressed assets from many different angles, and created strategies to maximize asset values. They also expanded their client networks by successfully selling, advising, and working out a large volume of distressed assets for lender and bankruptcy clients brought on by the Great Recession.

After Situs was sold to a Wall Street-based private equity firm, now SitusAMC, the founders co-founded BHW Real Estate Partners alongside Situs’ former CEO and Chairman (two of the three majority owners of Situs) as they exited from the company sale. BHW invested in real property and notes through an opportunistic fund in which the founders were members of the general partnership. The company also provided brokerage, development, and asset and property management services.

While their approach and fundamental understanding of commercial real estate was developed by the global financial crisis, the founders have continued to apply those same principles at 1912 Ventures while advising and executing for their clients and partners.

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