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Whether you are seeking a solution for a traditional commercial real estate brokerage, investment, or development need, or are involved in a special situation with distressed assets, 1912 Ventures’ variety of completed assignments and approach to problem solving differentiates us from many other firms who specialize in one narrow area or function. 1912 Ventures executes to get the job done.

Solving problems and creating opportunities are our primary expertise. We have worked on behalf of a wide variety of institutional and non-institutional clients and partners, across numerous industries, in most property sectors, across diverse geographies, and through different real estate cycles.

The variety of assignments and approach to problem solving differentiates us from many other firms who specialize in one narrow area or function. This breadth of perspective and ability to connect the dots through creative problem solving and execution enables our clients and investment partners to achieve their particular financial and operational goals.

Success growing our boutique firm has come through repeat engagements from our clients and investment partners, and their referrals. Referrals have also originated from bankers, attorneys, and vendors, many of whom we first met on the opposite side of a deal.

Our business model is focused on working with and representing the decision-maker on their real estate decisions. This ranges from working with corporate clients (often reporting to the CEO or CFO), family offices and high net worth investors, private equity firms and their portfolio companies occupying leased space, and lenders and bankruptcy professionals, among others.

We often compete against larger firms and have been the replacement service provider several times. We have completed multiple follow-on assignments for clients who were dissatisfied with another firm. These clients consistently cite our consistency, responsiveness, and communication as the reasons they desire to continue working with us.

We take deep pride in providing thorough market analyses, thoughtful strategic thinking, and effective transaction negotiation and management via a proactive, hands-on approach.

We are actively involved in and manage all client assignments. There is no hand off to a junior employee to lead an assignment.

Real estate is not a core competency for most companies. Partnering with our firm allows for this expertise and focus to enable you to make informed business real estate decisions. This is the reason our firm focuses on relationships. It is our preference to be viewed as a member of your executive team, focused on fulfilling your corporate real estate needs. This approach enables us to work towards your company’s long-term goals, not just the next one-off transaction.

Our clients and partners appreciate our full spectrum of real estate services being provided through a single source.

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