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Our firm provides broad market knowledge and a disciplined focus that enables our clients and investment partners to make informed real estate decisions. We provide thorough market analyses, thoughtful strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and effective transaction negotiation and management via a proactive, hands-on approach.

We emphasize relationships and take a partnership mindset into each and every assignment and investment. Our firm represents and partners with corporate clients (often working with the CEO or CFO), family offices and high net worth investors, private equity firms and their portfolio companies who occupy real estate, and lenders/bankruptcy professionals, among others specialties. Many of our clients view us as a member of their executive team, focused on fulfilling their corporate and personal real estate needs. This approach enables us to work towards both immediate needs and long-term goals, not just the next one-off transaction.

Real estate is not a core competency for most companies or investors. Partnering with our firm provides you and your team a full spectrum of real estate services through a single source, whether you are seeking a solution for a traditional commercial real estate brokerage, investment, or development need, or are involved in a special situation with distressed assets.

Like most other real estate firms, we could simply identify available properties on the market, place a marketing sign on a property being listed for sale or lease, and work to complete a transaction. Instead, we work with our clients and partners to collectively develop each real estate requirement. Oftentimes, the requirement we execute differs from the client’s initial thought. We build the requirement by asking a number of questions at the onset. In addition to asking about the real estate you currently occupy or own, and how it is being used, we also ask questions about you, your company, your clients, and the products and services you provide to those clients.

Our goal is to add value by understanding both your corporate and personal goals, offering recommendations on how future real estate decisions can directly benefit those goals, and then executing . We want the real estate assignments we work on to become a strategic resource for you, not just an operating necessity. We operate under the premise of understanding and resolving the small details on each transaction in relation to achieving your desired objectives. Sample benefits real estate can provide to corporate occupiers include: strategic advantage over competitors, reduced occupancy costs, and increased employee satisfaction. Real estate investors can benefit from: portfolio diversification, a hedge against inflation, tax benefits through depreciation, and equity-building.

We often compete against larger publicly-owned  firms and have been the replacement service provider several times. We have completed multiple follow-on assignments for clients who were dissatisfied with another firm. These clients consistently cite our consistency, responsiveness, attention to detail, and communication as the reasons they desire to continue working with us.

We understand that our success as a firm is secondary, yet inextricably linked, to the success of our clients and investment partners. We are humbled by the fact that our firm’s growth has been fueled through repeat engagements and referrals. In addition to referrals from our clients and investment partners, referrals have also originated from bankers, attorneys, and vendors whom we first met on the opposite side of a deal. We view this as a sign these referring parties have come to trust our guidance and execution of their commercial real estate needs.

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