Sell-Side Advisory

Property dispositions are often pursued by business owners, management teams, and investors for a variety of reasons. Reasons we frequently see include additional space needs, a desire to take profits, ability for a step-up basis, partnership dissolution, and portfolio re-balancing, among others.

Our firm provides broad market knowledge and a disciplined focus that enables our clients and investment partners to make informed real estate decisions. We provide thorough market analyses, thoughtful strategic thinking, creative problem solving, and effective transaction negotiation and management via a proactive, hands-on approach throughout the acquisition process. Our goal is to help you meet your objectives by identifying, negotiating, and executing on a successful transaction.

Our transaction process will help you avoid distractions and maintain confidentiality while maintaining a measure of competitive tension that will improve negotiating leverage and allow you to realize the maximum achievable value. Our process regularly produces several attractive initial offers, and most of our clients close a deal within the valuation range we developed at the outset. Our process:

  • Examines our client’s property from the perspective of a buyer
  • Results in a descriptive offering memorandum that tells the property’s story: the asset itself and the competitive advantages it offers
  • Generates competition among a group of qualified buyers, both owner occupiers and investors
  • Results in an efficiently closed deal at a premium price

For every client, we execute our process in four discrete phases:

  • Preparing the property for sale
  • Marketing the property
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Managing the transaction through a successful closing and funding

We measure the success of our efforts by the results our clients receive.

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